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When Nature balances Triglycerides and Lipoproteins

Tri-Low® the full spectrum extract of bioactive ingredients from wild crafted Indian gooseberry or Amla (Emblica officinalis) fruit is a superior cardiac health supplement. Tri-Low® standardized with ALA bound diacyl glycerol is a clean powerful and clinically proven extract for cardiac health benefits. It has several advantages like reduction of visceral fat over the existing drugs and dietary supplements for cardiac health while maintaining the safety profile especially the COQ10 level.

Key Benefits

• Helps maintain healthy level ApoB/ApoA1 ratio

• Helps maintain a healthy level of Atherogenic Index of Plasma (AIP)

• Helps reduce visceral fat

• Helps maintain a healthy level of Triglyceride (TG)

• Helps maintain healthy level Total Cholesterol(TC) in the body

• Helps maintain a healthy level of LDL-Cholesterol (LDL-C)


Free flowing powder - For capsules, tablets and other applications

Free flowing powder - Water dispersible


500-1000mg per day after food.


ISO22000:2005 | GMP | Halal | Kosher


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Note: Updated As on October-2019