Arjuna’s victory is credited to the availability of a clear roadmap, clear objective, trained manpower, executing the designated work as per plan and leadership excellence. The leader who crafted the roadmap and led the team to victory is Mr.P.J.Kunjachan, the CMD.

Arjuna has adopted world- class practices in its attempt to expand profits and become competitive globally.The implementation of lean manufacturing practices have helped it to cut costs and improve productivity without losing focus on quality.

Recognizing the importance of promoting environmental awareness amongst its employees Arjuna has started ‘Go Green’ activities on, aimed to involve labourers, staff and management team alike.Each individual can make a difference in their area with programmes to save energy, recycle, reduce waste, and conserve water.

At Arjuna we believe in initiating actions that emphasis on creating an environment that supports minimal ecological footprints. Achieved through pro-active employee engagement programs, a sustainable workforce culture is what steers the green initiative agenda of the organization. The barren 40 acres of land where two decades back the manufacturing facility of Arjuna was set now has today transformed into a green haven.


Powered by Solar Energy

Green energy is a part of Arjuna’s daily life. Statistics corroborate this fact as 438000KWH of annual energy demand is met through solar power. Green energy meets the total requirement of power for turmeric extraction.

Rainwater Harvesting

“With problems of depleting ground water table in many states of India ,monsoon season is the time to gear up and harvest rainwater” says CMD of Arjuna. He adds “It is never too late when it comes to harnessing rainwater, be it summer or winter. ” Arjuna has a recharge well of 250KL capacity.

Tree Planting

At Arjuna, another effective green initiative is the extensive planting of trees. Every year, around 10 to 20 hectares of land is planted with trees.

Effluent Treatment Plant

A booming industrial activity often brings its own problems to habitats in the vicinity. Pollution arising out of a number of units, especially those manufacturing chemical products, has become a matter of serious concern to the people living around any industry.

Arjuna has established an effluent treatment plant with adequate capacity to treat the waste material produced by various units. The fully functional Effluent Treatment Plant at Arjuna’s manufacturing facility uses multi- stage evaporation to ensure zero discharge of effluents.

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Note: Updated As on October-2019