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Food for Life and Life of foods

It is the start of the festival season now and food is a major part of it, especially Onam that we celebrate here with much fervor and joy. In the years gone by, there was as much fun in preparing the fresh tasty food, as much as in eating it. It has been diluted a bit in this age of packaged and ‘delivered’ food amidst concerns of quality, freshness and health.

People have accepted this as a way of life and the times we live in but are concerned about food products with synthetic additives. There is awareness and apprehension about food additives and preservatives that offer the highest quality and shelf life while being safe and healthy.

Healthy Foods

Consumers are concerned about what goes into the food and are keen to understand the labels on it to ensure that the product contains only natural, safe and simple ingredients though the definition of “what is natural” is not nailed down and universally accepted.

There is high awareness about the link between artificial colors and preservatives and health problems. Natural products and labelsare recognized as is the issue of food safety. This implies limiting or eliminating artificial ingredients and the availability of healthy, clean food with safe ingredients. Food and beverage manufacturers are concerned about increasing their products shelf-life and tackling oxidation and microbial contamination.

Since food products are of biological origin and composition it is inevitable that they would spoil and deteriorate over time. Though spoilage and deterioration cannot be completely stopped or eliminated, it is possible to extend the shelf-life. Food manufacturers and processors are ever keen to slow down this rate of deterioration as much as possible through formulation, processing, packaging, storage and handling.

This reflects in the growing interest in natural anti-microbial and anti-oxidant compounds.For natural foods to stay natural without any negative effect on its shelf life, the overwhelming choice would be one that can handle both safety and sensory attributes equally well, without any compromise.

ExtenFo - A Food Solution

ExtenFo is a product fromArjuna Naturals’ food division that has been acknowledged as a food protection solution and a healthy way to prolong and preserve food and its qualities. The company offers it as a complete solution for enhancing the shelf life of food and answers the concerns and questions of food manufacturers, processors and consumers satisfactorily.

The company has more than two and a half decades of experience in manufacturing herbal extracts and over 70 international patents to its credit. The Extenforange of natural preservatives is now a brand that provides a perfect application-based solution to keep food fresh and healthy for longer time. These have been developed through in-house research by scientists at Arjuna, from a blend of eco-friendly natural ingredients approved in the EU and US.

Extenfo- A product of research

Arjuna’s R&D team has researched and developed a unique selection of botanical extracts with antimicrobial activity that have been comprehensively tested them in various food and beverage applications. The ingredient systems provide effective antimicrobial activity and shelf-life extension, without affecting flavor or ‘feel’ when tasted. This wide range of preservatives do not change the organoleptic properties of food.

These are a combination of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant components isolated from different natural sources that offer natural food protection while maintaining food in its freshest and natural form for a longer period. By avoiding any harmful synthetic chemicals, these natural formulations ensure a clean label and complete peace of mind for the user.

Arjuna’sfood-specific natural preservatives are suitable for fruit juice, bread, mayonnaise, raw and processed meat and frying oils. They can prevent microbial growth and oxidative rancidity and this portfolio of natural preservatives is available for formulations ranging from fruit juices and meat to frying oil, mayonnaise and breaded products.

ExtenFo is used in trendy fruit-based drinks and smoothies, as well as many vegan products that are specifically susceptible to oxidation and microbial growth and can result in product degradation that poses a danger to health. While natural products arehighly sensitive to oxidation and microbial contamination many such products currently on the market contain synthetic preservatives. Extenfo caters to today’s consumers that are insistent on safe products without artificial ingredients.

Extenfo is the answer to food manufacturers who cater to millennial consumers who increasingly demand natural productsbut increased quality and shelf life. It helps manufacturers bring clean-label food and beverage products to the market without compromising appearance or flavor. I look forward to hearing from you and answering your queries about ExtenFo, especially if you are a food manufacturer or processor.

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Note: Updated As on October-2020