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A Matter of the Heart

The ‘fast’ life of the modern day world has brought along a few negative influences and afflictions such as cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, stress, junk food and many more. Some of these add to factors that can aggravate cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and the quest is for a natural remedy that can be a preventive and a long term solution.

Amla and Ayurveda

You would agree with the fact that Ayurveda and Indian lifestyle, foods and habits in general are good with matters of general health and maintaining a positive lifestyle. The Indian gooseberry or Amla is a key component of many ayurvedic formulations and it works in reducing factors contributing to cardio-vascular diseases. Amla (Phyllanthusemblica) that most of us are familiar with, right from childhood, is a key ingredient of the health supplement Tri-Low.

Tri-Low from Arjuna Natural Extracts is a complete extract of fresh ripe wild amla fruits that protects the heart naturally by regulating all the factors contributing to cardio vascular diseases. This is noteworthy, given that there is no single reason and a simple solution for CHD (coronary heart disease). It has been proved that lowering the amount of LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream can reduce the odds of a heart attack.

Tri-Low Benefits

Tri-Low is a dietary supplement that helps to protect the heart naturally. Tri-Low keeps all the parameters at the optimum level and this is indicated by a low AIP (Atherogenic Index of Plasma, a superior and reliable biochemical predictor of cardiac health). It has been found that with regular use of Tri-Low extract, AIP management is much more efficient.

Tri-Low is a full spectrum extract of bioactive ingredients from Amla fruit that is a superior cardiac health supplement. It has been standardized with Alpha Linolenic Acid-enriched Diacylglycerol making it a clean powerful and clinically proven extract for cardiac health benefits. It provides heightened benefits like maintaining low level of visceral fat, when compared to existing drugs and dietary supplements for cardiac health, while maintaining the safety profile. Tri-Low also helps manage triglycerides along with LDL cholesterol while helping to keep HDL-cholesterol at optimum level.

Clinically Tested Tri-Low

Clinical studies have confirmed that the unique extract of fresh wild amlafavours the healthy management of factors contributing to cardiovascular diseases. What makes Tri-Low unique is the proprietary extraction process that ensures high activity for every batch of the product. This has been proved by in vivo and in vitro tests.

Other extracts are typically manufactured from dried amla, and can differ fundamentally from Tri-Low in quality, potency and activity. The product has obtained US and Australian patents for its composition and has applied for patents in other countries.

The product is water dispersible and available as a free flowing powder that can be used in capsules, tablets and other applications. I am sure Tri-Low would prove beneficial as a singular supplement and as part of other wider formulations. Arjuna Natural Extracts has provided some unique products and the company has been unique and noteworthy for its products, processes and achievements. I see interesting prospects, potential and capabilities in the product and am sure you would share the same enthusiasm about the company and product. I would welcome your views, comments and doubts and would appreciate you writing to me at .

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Dr. Merina Benny
Natural Extract & Health Supplement Specialist

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Note: Updated As on October-2020