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Protect, Preserve and Prolong food with ExtenFo

Consumers, especially from the food industry, look for products with fewer synthetic additives that offer the highest quality and shelf life. As a result there has been a growing interest in natural anti-microbials and anti-oxidants. For natural foods to stay natural without any detrimental effect on its shelf life, an ideal solution would be one that can handle both safety and sensory attributes without compromising on either.

The health-conscious ones among us, especially parents have a hard time finding their way around these and would wish that the food companies use material and methods that are “green” , safe and “clean”. The label “No artificial preservatives” is most sought after but the details about additives are hidden under much fine print and are not too reassuring.

ExtenFo-A Food Solution

ExtenFo answers these concerns and questions very well. It is another of Arjuna’s natural products and is a food protection solution that is a healthy way to prolong and preserve food and its qualities. As a complete solution for enhancing the shelf life of food, I expect food companies to support ExtenFo more once the product gains greater market traction.

ExtenFo is part of Arjuna’s new natural solutions for food products and is a combination of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant components isolated from different natural sources. ExtenFo’s natural food protection helps in maintaining food in its freshest and natural form for longer period without the use of any harmful synthetic chemicals.

About ExtenFo

Deep fat frying of food bring about loss of moisture, development of dark color, firm texture and fried flavor while the oil itself gets a bland flavor at initial frying, later develops fried food flavor in oil and turns dark and viscous due to chemical changes. The degradation of oil-thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic – is a matter of concern with regard to health, cost and the taste aspect.The answer here is Extenfo, a blend of rosemary and green tea extracts that are effective antioxidant for frying oils. ExtenFo is a natural formulation that works on a very low dosage and does not impart any colour to the oil or food items during deep frying.

ExtenFo has higher efficacy compared to regularly used compounds like TBHQ, mixed Tocopherol, Alpha Tocopherol and Ascorbyl Palmetate. The use of the AXFO101 reduces interfacial tension slowly so that oil intake is reduced and productivity is increased. It provides enhanced productivity per kg of oil by increasing frying cycles and offers tangible cost benefits due to reduction in oil consumption. Additionally we can see that it replaces TBHQ (Tertiary butylhydroquinone) that is normally used as an additive to preserve processed foods but has a controversial reputation. The alternative used in ExtenFo is AXFO101, an antioxidant for frying oil.

The proof of AXFO101’s efficacy lies in specific tests that showed that the following results:
• Substantially reduced oil intake by using AXFO 101 due to slower reduction of interfacial tension.
• Increase of throughput in finished product in frying (16.4% throughput increase compared to TBHQ)
• Higher efficacy compared to TBHQ.
• Reduction in oil consumption (4.3% reduction in oil consumption compared to TBHQ) and a healthier product.
• In monetary terms too, the test conditions saw benefit by adding AXFO 101 when frying about 9 kg of potatoes.

What can ExtenFo do?

ExtenFo provides natural food protection for
• baked products like Bread, Pav, Bun
• Cakes- Fruit cakes, Marble Cakes, Sponge cakes, Tea cakes and Butter cream Icings
• Paprika Oleoresin and acts as a natural food stabilizer
• Frying Oil
• Mayonnaise
• Processed & Raw Meat Products
• Fruit Juices and Beverage

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Note: Updated As on October-2020