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The Exceptional Among Turmeric Supplements

Medical science has admitted the efficacy of turmeric and further research has identified specific compounds in it with medicinal properties. These compounds are known as curcuminoids of which the most important and active ingredient is curcumin. Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant that finds use in many therapies.

Why curcumin

If you think the turmeric bottle in the kitchen shelf is the answer, therein lies a catch. The curcumin content of turmeric is not that high, probably about 3%, by weight. Studies using turmeric extracts (mostly curcumin) revealed that dosages had to usually exceed 1 gram per day and such levels are difficult to achieve just using the turmeric spice in our foods. Ergo take a supplement that contains significant amounts of curcumin, to derive the full effects.

Why Curcugreen® (BCM-95)

Enter Curcugreen® (BCM 95), Arjuna Natural Extracts’ patented turmeric extract formulation containing curcuminoid mixture and added essential oil of turmeric. The company has been at the forefront of the development of use of turmeric in various ailments and indications

Curcugreen® BCM95 is a trademark product with a comprehensive formulation of natural curcumin and ar-turmerone (an aromatic compound) a very active component, that helps make the latter more bio available and more bio active. What is noteworthy here is the great synergy between curcumin and Ar turmerone. Curcugreen® thus has the most potent component of turmeric and the highest level of oral bioavailability. The video here gives more details on BCM95 and its effectiveness in the context of AR Turmerone.

Facts to Ponder over

• All turmeric extracts are not equally effective or safe to eat !
• Some may contain toxic additives and less curcumin !!
• BCM95 contains only curcumin and turmeric extracts- easier for the body to absorb.
• BCM95- A preferred bio-extract

Use of Curcugreen® (BCM-95)

This a pure, high-potency, whole-food ingredient is clean, natural, and safe to use is used as a supplement in the nutraceutical industry and used in food and supplements. It is suitable for hard and soft gelatin capsules, tablets, beverage, or candy and is free of class 1 or 2 solvents while involving low lead levels. It finds use as an independent supplement and also as an ingredient in other products. This 100% natural turmeric extract is available in water dispersible form too. I expect to see increased interest in the product among independent prescribed users and manufacturers of other food and health products with curcumin as an ingredient.

Advantage Curcugreen® (BCM-95)

Curcugreen® has the edge over its competitors and has no substitute, as any market watcher in this area would reveal. For one, it does not contain any non-turmeric components or any kind of harmful and hazardous synthetic enhancers, plasticizers, Polyvinylpyrrolidone or other toxic content. Curcugreen® is the world’s most bioactive turmeric extract that features a proprietary blend of curcuminoids and essential oil of turmeric. In terms of its performance and efficacy, many clinical studies have pointed out and commended its enhanced oral bioavailability and retention of curcumin in blood plasma even after eight hours. The details given here so far is well explained and summarized in this video and I would appreciate your comments about the videos.

I have come across literature that suggested that other formulations may contains non turmeric ingredients like piperine, lecithin, and other chemicals. Some of these formulations show increased bioavailability but it is not due to a rise in the unchanged free curcumin levels in the plasma but due to the presence of an increased level of its metabolites like glucuronides and sulfates. I would like to know your views on this while my opinion supports the non-usage of such metabolites

In Support of Curcugreen® (BCM-95)

The efficacy of this product has been scientifically documented by preclinical and human clinical trials besides being recognized in publications and patents. Apart from the product advantages there are reasons to choose the product and the company. The company has invested in environment friendly technologies and uses solar power at the manufacturing facility at Coimbatore. There is complete transparency and traceability of Curcugreen®'s supply chain, from farm to finished supplement, thus ensuring a pure, clean, and safe product. It practices and supports sustainable farming practices while subjecting the entire process to the stringent quality control standards, from sourcing raw material sourcing on to the manufacturing process.

Advantage Curcugreen®

• Published clinical studies in more than 50 national and international journals
• More than 20 peer reviewed publications and 29 patents worldwide Potent anti-inflammatory property even at low doses
• Proven safe by detailed toxicity studies
• Affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certification by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), confirming its safety profile and as a trusted, clean brand for use in medical foods at a dose of 500 mg, twice a day
• High ORAC value (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity --a lab test to quantify the total antioxidant capacity)
• Grant of 'No Questions' response letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to confirm the complete safety of Curcugreen® as an all-natural, clean and trusted brand of curcumin.

As I sign off

The company has been unique and noteworthy for its products, processes and achievements so far. I see interesting times ahead, given the prospects, potential and capabilities. Sure you would share the same enthusiasm about an Indian company, providing an ‘Indian’ product with such high levels of accomplishment, with room for more. Would like to know your views, comments and doubts and would appreciate you writing to me at

Dr. Merina Benny
Natural Extract & Health Supplement Specialist

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Note: Updated As on October-2020