BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) is a 100 percent pure extract of turmeric with enhanced bio-availability and bio-efficacy. Its powerful health-promoting benefits are derived from the colorful and aromatic qualities of the Indian spice. Curcuminoids are responsible for the rhizome’s yellow-orange color, while an array of essential oils host the flavorful aroma at the heart of traditional curries. These two chemical groups are naturally very low in the root, less than 10 percent by weight combined, yet they have been regarded as the biological actives. Inferred healthy from their longstanding use in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medical healing systems, these therapeutic constituents have also been repeatedly validated by the scientific data of today.BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) was born out of this wisdom. It is the product of a unique extraction process that brings the collective of curcuminoids and essential oils, including aromatic (Ar)-turmerone, to the forefront. The ‘95’ in our BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) trademark entails the patented composition of this potent 95% standardized curcumin-essential oil complex (CEC). This novel ingredient is also patented for its 45% aromatic (Ar)-turmerone content, concentrated naturally from the native essential oils.


The synergism of this standardized curcumin-essential oils combination gives way to evidenced-based enhancements in bioavailability, securing blood concentrations, 7 to 9X that of a conventional curcumin-95% extract. BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) has been studied in many animal models and in human clinical studies for its powerful support to a healthy inflammatory response, as an anti-oxidant, mood and cognitive support agent, among many, many other health benefits. Our unique BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) extract clearly illustrates our commitment to and appreciation for the inherent wisdom of nature. Through the science of standardization and the ingenuity of strong partnership, we bring turmeric’s native regard as ‘promising and favorable’ to the world stage in a clean, concentrated and clinically impactful way. BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) is the world’s most preferred curcumin extract, boasting a dossier of over 50 clinical studies and a 15-year track record for safety!

What makes BCM-95® (CURCUGREEN®) special?

Seven times more
bio-available than
standard turmeric 95%

Up to 500 times
stronger than turmeric

Longer retention of free curcumin
in blood even after eight hours

Over 63 peer-reviewed


Safety and non-toxicity
well established

Manufactured at Arjuna’s own
manufacturing facility
with 100% solar energy

More than 50
International patents

Activity guaranteed formulation for
more than 18 years in the market
with double digit growth rate annually

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