C-COS is the standardized dry extract of Amla containing not less than 25% of Emblicanins A and B and other hydrolysable tannins making up to a total tannin content of about 35-40% w/w.



C-COS is extracted from Amla, or Indian Gooseberry. It is the dry extract of the fruit. The plant is of high medicinal value and the fruit and other parts of the plant are used for the treatment for various diseases.



The vitamin C content by titration using dichlorophenol-indophenol titration is 6.7%. The bioavailability is over 8 times that of pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid). C-COS™ contains the Gallo-ellagi tannins in ester form with a vitamin C analog 2-Ketogluconolactone, Emblicanins A & B.

They are the vitamin C analogues and prodrugs. They have a long lasting and wide spectrum antioxidant activity that quenches free radicals and super oxide ions. The free radical quenching takes place through induction of enzymes like SOD, CAT and GPX.

The powerful antioxidant effect is due both to vitamin C activity and the presence of gallic and ellagic acid groups in its molecule which promotes skin health by preventing oxidative degeneration of collagen the principal protein that gives strength and support to the skin and sustains collagen synthesis or reverses wrinkling and aging.

It also blocks the conversion of Hyaluronic Acid to Histamine like products which lead to skin allergy. Skin color is due to the type and amount of Melanine synthesized and their distribution in the Keratinocytes.

C-COS™ inhibits tyrosinase and obstructs the formation and conversion of Dopaquinone to a series of Melanine pigments. This is how C-COS™ increases skin fairness. Though Ascorbic Acid is a skin whitening agent, due to its poor solubility and accessibility to the lipophilic cells of the skin, it cannot be effective enough to treat


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