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BCM-95® (Curcugreen®) + Bospure® (AKBAMAX®)

A proven combination that works synergistically for Joint health

Arjuna presents a unique combination of BCM-95® (Curcugreen®)+ Bospure®(AKBAMAX®), the most active compounds of two clinically proven botanicals – Turmeric and Boswellia – that works powerfully and synergistically to help ease inflammation and pain.

BCM-95®(Curcugreen®), the gold standard of curcumin (the most active compound of turmeric) provides multi-modal relief by helping manage inflammatory agents in the body, joint swelling, pain, and stiffness, and fatigue associated with pain.

Bospure® (AKBAMAX®)is a unique extract of Boswellia serrata with the synergism of acetyl group of boswellic acids:- Acetyl alpha Boswellic Acid- Acetyl 11 - keto - Boswellic Acid (AKBA). Bospure® has been found extremely effective in supporting joint health, improving joint mobility and providing inflammatory support.


Curcumin and boswellia work synergistically on managing arthritic and inflammatory conditions

Helps alleviate knee, back and neck pain

Helps manage oxidative stress and inflammation

Boswellia aids the relief of joint pain and stiffness, and increases joint mobility

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Note: Updated As on October-2019