Mr. P J Kunjachan

The successful launch of BCM95 into the market on its maiden attempt was the crowning glory. We succeeded in this after the stupendous success with the first experimental launch of Fish Oil. These two achievements best exemplify the maturing of our R & D and its capability to take the company’s missions to greater heights.

Mr. P.J Kunjachan, the Chairman & Managing Director of Arjuna Natural Extract Ltd, a leading light in the business sector says “The most trusted brand Arjuna, has a range of products for both business- to- business and business- to – consumer segment.” He began as an entrepreneur and soon grew up to become an independent organic fertilizer manufacturer by starting “Arjuna Fertilizer Industries” in Coimbatore. In the year 1989 he launched ‘Arjuna Aromatics’, a brand that produced and marketed essential oil of mustard across the world. He made a mark on the ‘Health Food’ sector by focusing on producing natural extracts from plants and marine sources.

Today he leads ‘Arjuna Group of Companies’ a business conglomerate that owns many international patents and also producing the world’s largest selling bio-available turmeric extract. Arjuna has a customer base across 40 countries and has R& D tie ups with universities of Australia, US and Japan. He is a recipient of many national awards including the award for successful commercialization of indigenous technology based product in 2005. He has also served as the Vice Chairman of Spices Board. A visionary, an achiever and a mentor, Mr. P.J. Kunjachan dons many hats and continues to believe that he has got a long way to go before he unravels the secrets of nature.