Dr. Benny Antony

Dr. Benny Antony, co-founder of Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd currently serves as Joint Managing Director. A visionary scholar, his contributions towards building Arjuna a leading nutraceutical company driven by innovations have been phenomenal. He has been at the helm of developing the ‘Research and Development’ facility of Arjuna which is today approved by Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. The R&D division currently equipped with state- of- the art facilities focuses on pharmacological evaluation of Arjuna’s products for various applications in the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Dr Benny Antony is widely recognized for Inventions that will make a difference. His brainchild, BCM- 95 has been applauded worldwide for its bio available curcumin and is today considered as the world’s most trusted route to bio available curcumin. His mentoring has paved the way for several innovations at Arjuna which includes developing of herbal extracts like Amlamax ( a patented product from the ripe fruits of Amla), AKBAMAX (extract of Boswellia serrata), Omega-3 (natural essential fatty acid from sardine) and the most recent one Oxystorm- world’s first nitrate extract from Red Spinach.

Dr Benny Antony has to his credit 19 granted international patents and one patent from India till date and has applied for 51 international patents on many other products and processes. He has published articles in more than 16 national and international journals. His consuming passion for science and technology keeps him abreast of the latest trends in the nutraceutical industry thereby helping Arjuna to deliver new products that meet global standards. For his significant contributions in the extraction industry he is conferred with the ‘Innovator’ award by Spices Board of India for the year 2012. He has also been nominated as a member of the Technical Committee of the Spices Board