Boswellia Serrata Extract standardized with 10% AKBA

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AKBAMAX® is an herbal extracts produced from Boswellia Serrata. AKBAMAX® being a 100% herbal extract, it has no side effects. This extract is traditionally used in Indian medicine for inflammatory diseases. Compared to the normal Boswellia Serrata extract, AKBAMAX is proved to be five times more potent. The clinical studies proved that the extract is potent anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic. It is standardized with 10% AKBA. This extract is mainly used for the treatment of joint pain and has proved to be effective for the same.

  • Standardized with 10% AKBA
  • Standardized with 8.5%- 10.5% AKBA (AKBA- Water Soluble)
  • Unique Boswellia Serrata Extract with synergism of acetyl group of boswellic acids:
    • Acetyl alpha Boswellic Acid
    • Acetyl 11-keto β–Boswellic Acid (AKBA)
  • Natural Inhibitor of Leukotrienes (LOX)
  • AKBAMAX is five times more potent than conventional Boswellia Serrata Extract
  • Contains Total Boswellic Acids of minimum 40% (by HPLC method)
  • Standardised with 10% AKBA
  • Does not contain β Boswellic acids
  • Clinically proven to be potent anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic
  • Safety documented by detailed studies
  • Traditionally used for inflammatory diseases
  • Available in power and granule form for use in capsule, tablet, ointment and topical spray
  • All inflammatory and arthritic conditions
  • Pain relief

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