Advanced Extraction Technology Accelerating Pharmacological Benefits


The facility can handle product volumes ranging from a few 100 kilograms to several 100 metric tonnes.


The highly qualified staff at Arjuna along with the latest in analytical equipments ensures that each batch dispatched from Arjuna meets the highest quality standards.


The grand success of BCM-95® is a proof of Arjuna’s strong commitment to research leading BCM-95® to become the most successful bio-available curcumin in the world market.

Arjuna’s production processes and products meet market-specific regulations worldwide. With a total manufacturing area of 400000 sq.ft., its four manufacturing facilities for herbal extracts meet all international standards. A GMP certified, SAP driven company, Arjuna has achieved reputed international certifications including ISO 22000, Star K Kosher and Halal. Currently the only manufacturer of concentrated Omega-3 fish oil in India, the company follows strict guidelines in packing and storage.

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