BCM-95™ International Recognition

“Flavor in curry favored by some for joint pain”, this article’s title brought a smile on the faces of everyone at Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd. The article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal, gave a new recognition for Arjuna’s own product BCM-95. The article focused on bringing awareness to the people, of the significance of Curcumin in their day to day life. Turmeric, widely accepted in India as a part of a healthy diet, has now been recommended to the world market. Studies proved that Curcumin extracts has got a magical touch of treating many diseases. It is just to be made sure that highly bio-available curcumin is used to have the desired effect. BCM-95 serves its purpose here. Arjuna has conducted its study on various diseases and proved to be successful. The product carries 6 patents.

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