Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd receives two Japanese patents for BCM- 95™

Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd, India’s leading company specialized in research and manufacturing of plant based active compounds has received two patents for its proprietary turmeric extract BCM-95™ in Japan (Japanese Patent No. 5039032 & No. 5511895). The patents have been awarded by Japanese patent office for its unique composition ratio of curcuminoids and essential oil of turmeric for enhanced oral bioavailability of curcumin. BCM- 95™ has been granted 7 US patents already.

Curcumin, the most active component in turmeric has poor oral bio-availability. BCM-95™ is Arjuna’s proprietary formulation which combines curcuminoids and essential oil of turmeric enriched with turmerones for enhanced curcumin oral bio-availability. The therapeutic benefits of turmeric can only be maximized by this unique composition making BCM-95™ the world’s most bio-active turmeric extract with superior bio-availability. BCM-95™ delivers curcumin in its most bio-active form and has been proved to be effective in management of several conditions without any side effects. Several published studies & ongoing research are conducted in the field of depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer, inflammation and joint health for BCM-95™.

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